aCure Medical is a collaboration of two individuals who have over forty  years of experience working within the healthcare industry.  They wanted to make a change that would have a positive effect both clinically for patients, and financially for healthcare institutions and providers.

Having seen the negative effects that conventional drugs and treatments can have on individuals, their passion for natural cures and remedies brought together the partnership of two companies, thus creating a unique and vast range of products.

Eidos Life Sciences was founded by Dr Christopher Nielson, MD, trauma consultant as an extension of his dedication and passion to make a difference in the world of healing.

Dr Nielson served many years as a successful trauma surgeon before completing extensive training in homeopathic and natural medicines. He dedicated his life to finding which remedies were most effective, whether they were traditional allopathic medicine or alternative treatments. His long term clinical experience combined with his knowledge of natural healing, allowed him to recommend treatments that address the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

By actively listening to his patients and researching their issues, Dr Nielson realised that in many cases, naturally occurring remedies were superior in effectiveness and had fewer side effects, with the added bonus of costing less.

Celero Wound Healing Accelerator was first developed by Dr Christopher Nielson. Dr Nielson quickly saw the potential of the great benefit of Celero for serious skin issues such as pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, cuts, wounds, rashes and newly sutured incisions in hospitals.

From its humble conception, Eidos Life Sciences has continually striven to serve the unique needs of health care practitioners and the public alike by dedicating itself to supplying innovative products which are built with integrity.

aCure Medical was created by Mr Imran Sabir BA (hons) after working within the UK healthcare Industry for over 15 years.

Having worked for healthcare companies in the fields of woundcare, infection control and distribution, and communicating with clinical and financial professionals such as Tissue Viability Nurses, Podiatrists, Dermatologists, District Nurses and Procurement, he realised they were all requiring three things…products that clinically work and are financially affordable but, more importantly, that they are SAFE.

After working in the UK woundcare industry for a number of years, Mr Sabir realised that the treatments available had some limitations.

The majority of treatments had a number of contraindications, meaning they couldn’t be used on the majority of patients and/or, they were financially very expensive for healthcare organisations and distributors, meaning increasing costs in an already very strained financial environment.

The Celero range of products and our range of vitamins, milkshakes and personal hygiene products are all 100% NATURAL.

This means they are extremely SAFE to use with no long or short term side effects.

From a cost point of view, the products are very competitive and offer great savings to healthcare organisations and hospitals.

As for the clinical efficacy of the products, take a look at the clinical studies and testimonials sections and you will see how good Celero is.